Company History

Renaissance Physicians was created in 2000. Since inception, Renaissance Physicians has been dedicated to providing coordinated, preventive care that maximizes cost efficiencies while delivering the best possible patient outcomes. Doctor-owned and operated, Renaissance Physicians includes over 1,400 Primary Care Physicians and Specialists who are serving the needs of approximately 100,000 patients in Houston and Southeast Texas.

Our Mission

Renaissance Physicians is committed to leading the health care industry through a forward thinking approach to coordinated care with an emphasis on quality and efficient medical delivery.

Our Quality Standards

At Renaissance Physicians, we hold our Primary Care Physicians and Specialists to the highest standards to ensure that our patients receive the best care available. A strict set of measurement criteria guarantees that every physician is engaged and performing at their highest level every quarter. Physicians are monitored regularly and those who perform below the Renaissance Physicians benchmark are counseled through routine peer-to-peer interactions until improvement is attained.
Among the quality standards reviewed are routine access and availability of appointments for patients, customer experience and complaints, network referral compliance, various quality standards, admissions, and member visits per year.

Download the Renaissance Physicians Fact Sheet for more information.