In today's healthcare industry, it is exceedingly hard for us, as providers, to do what we do best, manage our patient's care. Strained human and financial resources and fragmented care from multiple providers give us less control over patient outcomes. The Renaissance Physicians model gives us advantages that can help put the power to heal back in our hands.

Expansive Network

Referrals are easy and convenient for our providers and their patients. We have a wide range of more that 1,300 Primary Care Physicians and Specialists working in 10 counties across Southeast Texas inclusive of Houston and Southeast Texas. With Renaissance Physicians, patients can stay local with doctors located right in their own neighborhood.

Extraordinary Connections

As a member of Renaissance Physicians, you will join a group of elite providers who are focused on delivering superior care across the full range of patient needs. Becoming a member connects you with the opportunity to grow your practice, be a part of a community of like-minded providers and ultimately to deliver better care.

POD System

Renaissance Physicians is divided into 13 Physician Organized Delivery Systems (PODS). PODS are organized based on geography to give providers referral options that are convenient for their patients and allow for close and frequent communication between all providers on a patient care team.

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The Power of Prevention

Preventive medicine is central to the Renaissance Physicians model. Our providers are committed to providing their patients with knowledge and information on prevention and treatment because they have seen how it can help keep them healthy.

Extraordinary Resources

Resources and information on industry trends, billing requirements, marketing support and more, help Renaissance Physicians providers stay informed and give them more time to focus on what matters most, their patients.

"I believe Renaissance Physicians is the best option for providers who are willing to be team players. In my opinion, an engaged and efficient Renaissance Physicians provider is well positioned to thrive in an uncertain and turbulent health care environment."
Judson S. Henderson, M.D., Renaissance Physicians Provider