We realize healthcare is about more than what happens during your office visit. It is about what happens every day. Through Renaissance Physicians provider articles, the latest health news, events, and convenient online forms, we are committed to giving you the knowledge to live a healthier life.

Health News

To keep their patients healthy, Renaissance Physicians providers frequently publish articles and information. Topics focus on the needs of our patients and include articles on arthritis, preventive screenings, vitamins, seasonal health needs and more. Articles are updated often, so check back. Click Here

In addition to articles from our providers, Renaissance Physicians also connects you with a variety of other healthcare news resources through our RSS feed.


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"We want to help our patients achieve wellness through good solid preventive medicine, annual exams and a close partnership with a Renaissance Physicians provider."
Keith Stout, M.D., Renaissance Physicians Provider
"Initially my patients were anxious about the idea of a limited network option, but in very little time, they realized that they had better access to a panel of very qualified specialists, great hospitals and excellent primary care. They now are enthusiastic proponents of Renaissance Physicians."
Dr. Clare Hawkins