When it comes to healthcare you want to give your members every advantage. From superior care that keeps them healthy to conveniently located provider offices that make it easy to keep appointments and get the care they need, the Renaissance Physicians network is built to exceed expectations.

 Expansive Network

Your members can take advantage of their options with Renaissance Physicians. We have a wide range of more that 1,300 Primary Care Physicians and Specialists working in 10 counties across southeast Texas inclusive of Houston. With Renaissance Physicians, you can stay local with doctors located right in their neighborhood.

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Reducing Healthcare Costs

Renaissance Physicians’s unique model encourages highly engaged providers to practice preventive and coordinated medicine.  It allows providers to stay ahead of and manage any developing conditions which translates into healthier members, fewer required medical procedures, and fewer hospital stays.

Annual Physical and Preventive Screenings

Give your members the benefit of our Comprehensive Physical Assessment. We believe that the best way to keep your members healthy is through preventive care. That’s why we offer annual physicals, including a variety of screenings. Following the physical, the Primary Care Physician will develop and maintain a personal health plan for each employee. This will allow each member to manage and stay ahead of any potential or developing health conditions.

In-Patient Care Managers

While in the hospital, members will have a Renaissance Physicians In-Patient Care Manager to coordinate care and create a discharge plan to ease the transition home. This specialized physician works closely with hospital case management, health plans and the employee’s PCP and specialists to create and manage a personal care plan.

Partnering with Health Plans

Many members may not be aware of all of the benefits your plan offers them. Renaissance Physicians providers will review a member’s plan benefits with them so they understand the value of their plan and take advantage benefits that can help keep them healthy, such as gym membership discounts and other wellness programs.


We realize healthcare is about more than what happens during an office visit. It’s about what happens every day. Through Renaissance Physicians provider articles, the latest health news, events and convenient online forms, we are committed to giving members the knowledge, prevention and treatment to help them live a healthier life. 

"We want to help our patients achieve wellness through good solid preventive medicine, annual exams and a close partnership with a Renaissance Physicians provider."
Keith Stout, M.D., Renaissance Physicians Provider