Our coordinated approach delivers results, but the truly special part of Renaissance Physicians is our providers. Their dedication to delivering the most effective and caring medicine through team communication, preventive care and patient education, doesn’t just change healthcare, it changes lives.

Extraordinary Standards

At Renaissance Physicians, we hold our providers to the highest standards. A strict set of requirements guarantees that every provider is performing at their highest level. Among those requirements are routine access and availability of appointments for patients, customer experience and complaints, network referral compliance, various quality standards, admissions and member visits per year.

We expect that our doctors give their best to each patient and you should too.

Expansive Network

Renaissance Physicians has a wide range of more than 1,300 Primary Care Physicians and Specialists working in 13 areas in Houston and Southeast Texas. And with Renaissance Physicians, employees can stay local; our doctors’ offices are conveniently located right in their neighborhoods.

Working Together

Renaissance Physicians providers believe in the power of coordinated care because they have witnessed the benefits their patients have experienced. Coordinated Care gives the Primary Care Physician a full picture of an employee’s health, the specialists they see and the prescriptions they are taking.  This allows them to manage or prevent any developing conditions. Renaissance Physicians providers must stay connected to provide this extraordinary care and that is why our referral system is so important. 

The POD System

Renaissance Physicians is divided into 13 Physician Organized Delivery Systems (PODS). PODS are organized based on geography to provide employees with the most convenient access to their PCP and specialists. PODS also encourage close and frequent communication between the entire provider team.

2017 Network Map
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Provider Articles

To keep employees healthy, Renaissance Physicians providers frequently publish articles and information.

"We want to help our patients achieve wellness through good solid preventive medicine, annual exams and a close partnership with a Renaissance Physicians provider."
Keith Stout, M.D., Renaissance Physicians Provider