For over a decade, Renaissance Physicians has been dedicated to providing coordinated, preventive care that maximizes cost efficiencies and capitation while delivering the best possible patient outcomes. 

Doctor-owned and operated, Renaissance Physicians includes over 1,300 Primary Care Physicians and Specialists who are serving the needs of approximately 36,400 patients in Houston and Southeast Texas.

The Renaissance Physicians Model is changing the way healthcare is delivered. We put the needs of our patients first. Each has a care team of highly engaged providers. Led by the selected Primary Care Physician, the team develops and manages a plan that keeps patients healthy.

Discover Renaissance Physicians and be part of something extraordinary.

"I believe Renaissance Physicians is the best option for providers who are willing to be team players. In my opinion, an engaged and efficient Renaissance Physicians provider is well positioned to thrive in an uncertain and turbulent health care environment."
Judson S. Henderson, M.D., Renaissance Physicians Provider